Below are the answers to frequently asked questions we receive from filmmakers and distributors interested in monetizing their licensed films on our family of VOD channels.

Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast are video streaming platforms that can be accessed with hardware set-top boxes that attach to a television. These devices enable users to stream films on their TVs.

  • Each provider (Roku, Apple TV, etc) offers access to unique content that comes pre-loaded. For example, Apple TV comes pre-loaded with access to all of the content on iTunes; and Amazon Fire TV comes pre-loaded with access to all of the content on Amazon Video/Prime.
  • These boxes also offer users access additional content provided by third party Apps (e.g. Netflix, HBO GO, NBC, POV Horror, etc.) that users install on their set-top box.
  • Launching our POV Horror App (for example) will open our “Found Footage VOD Channel” and will provide users with the ability to watch (via subscription) the films we have licenses to sell/stream.

Absolutely! Distributing your content on our channels is non-exclusive. You retain full rights to also sell your film to whomever and wherever you want.

We also offer flexible exclusive distribution arrangements that go beyond our streaming channels. Please reach out to us to discuss your distribution goals.

No need to worry! Our App that will not interfere with your existing distribution of the same film on iTunes Amazon Video/Prime.

  • Users searching for your film directly on iTunes and Amazon Video/Prime will only see the copy of the film that you already posted for rental/sale.
  • The content on our channels is only accessible if users open our proprietary app and browse for content.
  • For example, the content on our “POV Horror Channel” is only accessible if users open the “POV Horror App” and browse for content.

Users searching for your film directly on iTunes and Amazon Video/Prime will only see the copy that you already have posted for rental/sale. The copy of the film on our channel will not show in any searches.

  • The only way to see films on one of our channels is to install and launch our App and physically go into the App and browse the content. The films on our channel are not searchable from the root level of the set-top box where native Amazon and iTunes content are stored.

Understanding the difference between a platform, app, and channel is fundamental to understanding how distribution on our channels works.

  • A platform refers to the technology on which VOD content is offered. Platform examples include Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, and XBox.  Each of these platforms are owned by different companies that control their own content.
  • An app is a program that installs and runs on a platform. For example, HBO has an app (called HBO GO) that could be installed and run on the Apple TV platform.
  • A channel is a service that streams content through an app. Continuing from the example above, The HBO GO app provides users with access to the HBO Movie Channel, providing users with access to movies and other HBO original content.

Our family of channels is available on multiple platforms: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.  Using our “POV Horror App” as an example, the “POV Horror App” provides users with access to the “Found Footage Film VOD Channel.” This channel contains all of the movies and content that “POV Horror” is licensed to stream.

We disburse royalty payments no later than 60 days after the close of the fiscal quarter.

QuarterReport periodReport & payment due by
1January 1 through March 31June 1
2April 1 through June 30September 1
3July 1 through September 30December 1
4October 1 through December 31March 1

We need 60 days to make payments for several reasons:

  • We receive quarterly payments from Apple and Amazon approximately 30 days after the close of each quarter.
  • After we receive payments, a lot of time consuming work takes place to calculate the royalties due to each content owner.
  • Additional time is required to process all of the payments.

Our preference is to send payments to domestic (United States) content owners via PayPal, and send payments to international content owners via Transferwise; although we can discuss alternative payment methods.

We currently do not offer a minimum guarantee (MG) to acquire new content for monetized streaming. Our business model is based on providing content owners fixed percentage of all revenue actually received. The filmmaker never has any up-front costs or recoupable costs for distribution through our family of channels.

We also pay all costs associated with marketing through social media, paid advertising, and cross-promotional advertising between other streaming channels.

Our preference is for the content owner to upload their film and trailer to secure cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox) where we can download the files.

If you own the distribution rights to a found footage film that you would like to monetize on POV Horror, please contact POV Horror using the film submission link below.