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Followed (2015) [S]

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Followed (2015) [S]

Duration 1h, 22m

After receiving a musical fellowship in Los Angeles, Chicagoans, Rachel and David pack up their things and set out to start a new life together in The Golden State. To commemorate the adventure, David documents their every move including his secret plot to propose to Rachel along the way. Toasting their friends and securing the last of their belongings the couples sets off, but not before David unknowingly captures potentially incriminating evidence while shooting a few final shots of their beloved neighborhood. A few shots that change the course of their lives forever as they become the prey of an unstable stalker desperate to recover what they don’t even know they possess. The celebratory trip quickly turns sinister when David and Rachel begin to suspect that they are being followed. Unsure of who or what might be after them, the road trip turns into a psychological game of cat and mouse as the couple races across the iconic plains of the American West to uncertain safety.