Unaired (2009) - Found Footage Films Movie Poster

Unaired (2009)

Directed by Tim Buel • USA • 47 min

Found footage film about a reality TV show S.P.I entering its third season as the most watched Paranormal Hunting program with a Halloween premiere. The team is investigating a haunted garage/basement on secluded property and prepping to create some soaring ratings with scary content. Upon investigation, however, they see that what they all fabricate, may, in fact, be very real.

Cast: Brian Rushing, Derek Sigmund, Elliott Barker, Erin Scabareti, Jaydon Hill, Jesse Buel, Jon Von Zuber, Jonathan Turziano, Kenny Toll, Marc Madison, Melanie Riccardi, Nakoa Lee, Phillip Willis, Rayna Hill, Ruby Jadwet, Steve Sanders, Tim Buel

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