Making Off (2012)

Directed by Cédric Dupuis • France (English Subtitles) • 7

Cédric Dupuis, a fledgling independent filmmaker, has set out to make the most terrifying horror film of all time. But shooting without any budget to speak of and a cast of his friends, Cédric soon realizes the frustration of indie film-making. The only way for Cédric to get the realism he wants is to actually murder his cast on camera. This is his documentary of the events that unfolded during the making of his opus. One of the most disturbing films of recent years with a sickening dose jet-black humor.

Cast: Céline Berti, Jérôme Thevenet, Mickael Collart, Nathalie Van Tongelen, Olivier Bureau, Sébastien Ventura

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  1. Christopher

    Hello! I’m a subscriber in the U.S., and I use my laptop to watch movies on the site. I’ve never had a problem with watching movies here, but just now, I tried to watch “Making Off,” and a message came up saying that this film is not available in my region. Why is that? Are there more movies on the site which people in the U.S. can’t see?

    • javalawyer

      Some of our films are licensed for specific geographic territories. Most are available in the US.


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